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First of all, we would like to clarify the most frequently asked question of the last 15 years:

“What does that's eli actually mean?”

Nothing really, it’s simply a wordplay. It is the combination of the names of its two founding agencies from Frankfurt; “that's communication”, an advertising agency and “eli, eine lose idee GmbH” - which roughly translates as ‘a loose idea’ - a sales promotion and marketing company.

The name was not that important for us in 1993 because the company that's eli was only planned to exist for the duration of Frankfurt’s 12th centennial anniversary for which we marketed the licensing rights.

that's eli was supposed to be dissolved at the end of'94...but we changed our minds...

Today, the name is all the more important - and dear - to us, maybe because we are always asked to spell it, thus, also answer “this” question.

We now invite you to see what has become of us …

Once again:

Welcome to our homepage


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