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Fighting blindness with the strength of a lion

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to take the opportunity to introduce LIROY to you.
He's a sweet and friendly lion, who wants to be cuddled in your or someone else´s arms.
This small blind lion with an eye patch and an armband for the visually impaired is more than just a stuffed animal; it is a gift and a social commitment combined. It is the symbol of the German Lions clubs and symbolises their dedication to fight blindness and established preventative measures. LIROY is a great Christmas gift for co.workers and business partners alike.

LIROY - A success story

Since 1925 have Lions Clubs around the world have dedicated themselves to the fight against eye disease and blindness. The clubs have set themselves a goal with their current campaign, "A ray of hope for the visually impaired", to raise € 5.2 million to be able to treat and heal the blind and visually handicapped in Central Africa.
LIROY stands at the heart of the campaign as its emblem, representing the combined strength of all Lions Clubs to help the disadvantaged.

In the German Lions club alone, nearly 25,000 lions have been sold and there is still considerable demand. For this reason, we would also like to recommend LIROY to you.

LIROY - The ideal present

LIROY is the ideal gift for children, grandchildren and friends, young and old.You can play with LIROY, hug him and symbolically restore his eyesight by removing his patch and armlet. This cuddly lion is also an ideal gift for your co-workers and business partners.
In addition to the lion, you receive information about the background story, the aid projects, and the Lion club's social engagement.This is a great way for a company and its management to illustrate their social commitment.

When you buy LIROY for € 20, € 10 goes to charity. As a result, an African child with impaired vision will benefit from permanent protection against blindness.


LIROY was developed by DFC, the German Fundraising Company which owns the property rights.

LIROY the cuddly lion is produced by that´s eli merchandising GmbH.

We hope that we have stimulated your interest and we would be very pleased to hear  from you.

Don't forget: when you buy LIROY the lion, you donate 10 euros to the welfare organization of the German Lions club, thereby helping blind people in Africa.


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